March 2010

"American Device 49" by Susan Mikula

Please see recent recommendation for the two-person Susan Mikula and Ward Schumaker show at George Lawson Gallery for Visual Art Source.

"1963" (detail) by Travis Somerville

See recent recommendation of the Travis Somerville solo show at Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco, for Visual Art Source.

"Flock" by Amy Casey

See review of Amy Casey’s recent exhibition at Michael Rosenthal, San Francisco, in the current issue of art, ltd.

Nevada Museum of Art

See current feature in art, ltd. about the Center for Art + Environment at the Nevada Museum of Art.

“Der Architekt” by Luc Tuymans

See the recent review of the Luc Tuymans mid-career retrospective at SFMOMA on Visual Art Source.

Illustration for Don Quixote by William T. Wiley

There are two exciting book releases this week from San Francisco specialty art-book publishers: Don Quixote, Book I, with illustrations by SF artist William T. Wiley from Arion Press and the Grabhorn Institute (Book II will follow later in the year); and a survey of work by SF artist Brion Nuda Rosch from Little Paper Planes (LPP). This is the first book published by LPP.

"Holding On" by John Bankston

See recommendation for John Bankston solo show at Rena Bransten (through March 6) on Visual Art Source.